Baby massage is great for both parents and children, and creates a good contact right from the start. It can both relieve pain but also remedy deeper problems such as constipation and increase the baby's general well-being.

GoBabyGo Baby Massage
♡ Great for both parents and children
♡ Creates good contact
♡ Used to relieve pain and increase well-being
♡ Massage helps to soothe
♡ Good stimulus for the body's various circuits
♡ Promotes pituitary growth hormone production
♡ Provides better sleep

Relaxation of sore muscles

'I LOVE YOU' Baby Massage

Baby Masage for Constipation, Diarrhea and Vomiting

Baby Massage for Good Night Routine

Baby Foot Massage

Baby Massage for Better and Calmer Nights

Baby Massage for Relief of Cold Symptoms

Baby Massage for Good Motor Skills

Baby Massage for Extra Stimulation Using GoBabyGo Rubber Pads