The story behind GoBabyGo

I started GoBabyGo in 2013, because I needed products that could help improve my child’s motor skills. 

My third child, Emil, was born two months premature after a severe case of pre-eclampsia and weighed only 1400 grams at his birth. He was a fighter and after a month in hospital we could finally take him home with us. 

Even though he quickly caught up with other children his age, he needed extra help with his motor skills and balance.

I realized that there was a need for a range of clothing that could help children starting to crawl and walk.

So I went on a mission.

I read everything I could find on the subject and consulted motor skill experts and pediatric physiotherapists to give Emil the best support.

I found that the answer was quite simple: rubber pads.

So I started designing a range of baby clothing with unique rubber pads that would prevent children from sliding on slippery surfaces - and thus making them more confident as they go along.

It was all about giving my child the best conditions to grow and explore the world - now yours can too. 

With love from
Fie Aspöck Jonsen

"Nous constatons que de plus en plus d'enfants ont des problèmes de motricité. La série GoBabyGo est conçue pour que l'enfant ait un bon "démarrage moteur". Avec des semelles antidérapantes et des coussinets en caoutchouc sur les genoux, l'enfant ne glisse pas, ce qui le rend plus mobile et courageux. Un enfant qui peut bouger sans problème, peut explorer le monde et a l'énergie et le courage de jouer et d'apprendre de nouvelles choses. Plus tard dans la vie, une bonne motricité renforcera l'enfant à la fois socialement et professionnellement"

- Team GoBabyGo

Our Mission

With GoBabyGo, we want to help strengthen any child's courage and self-confidence. 

With our specially designed crawl series, our mission is to support and motivate children's ability to play and dare to unfold physically. With rubber pads on the knees and feet, the balance is optimally stimulated and gives the child extra stability.

All in all something that will help to increase their ability to concentrate and develop their social skills with other children.

In addition, we encourage parents to participate in play and do motor exercises with their child. To support this, we've developed age-appropriate exercises and games in collaboration with motor skills experts - all to make it easier for you to stimulate your child's further development.

Children with good motor skills

♡ Have increased self-confidence

♡ Have better health

♡ Feel less helpless

♡ Have better social relationships

♡ Are more often chosen as playmates (harsh, but true)

♡ Feel less ostracized

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GoBabyGo est certifié OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 • Conçu au Danemark • Fabriqué en Europe

Tous les produits sont testé pour les substances nocives et fabriqué dans la qualité de coton la plus délicieuse, ce qui garantit une bonne mobilité.

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Certifié OEKO-TEX®

Conçu au Danemark

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